Joining the Association

FULL MEMBERSHIP: This includes membership of LDBKA and BBKA, and includes Bee Diseases Insurance. You will have access to the Members-only pages of this website and the magazine BBKA News will be posted to you each month.

(Note that if you sign up to our beginners’ course Introduction to Beekeeping the fee for that course includes Full Membership for your first year)

ASSOCIATE L&DBKA MEMBERSHIP: This category is for those who have no bees but wish to be part of the local association. BBKA membership is not included and there is no insurance cover. Associate Members have access to the Members-only pages of this website but do not have voting rights at L&DBKA meetings.

PARTNER BBKA MEMBERSHIP: Partners who reside at the same address as a full BBKA Member may join the L&DBKA as an Associate Member and the BBKA as a Partner Member. Just one copy of the BBKA Magazine will be posted.  The BBKA Membership is two-thirds of the full membership rate.

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: This category is open to those under 18 years of age and there is no membership fee. However Junior Members are encouraged to attend the  Introduction to Beekeeping Course for which they will pay just the cost of the BBKA beekeeping book. However, a Junior Member attending any L&DBKA event or training session must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is a full L&DBKA Member.

A hard-copy or digital subscription to the monthly magazine BEECRAFT can be added to your membership for an extra charge.

If you are ready to join the Association (or renew your membership) you can download a copy of the Membership Form here: Membership Form 2022

Your membership details are stored and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy

Please remember to sign the form if you are a UK tax payer. The Gift Aid concession benefits the Association by up to £1000 and helps to keep subscription costs down.

If you have any queries about membership, you can get in touch with the Membership Secretary using this contact form: