Getting Started

Beekeeping is a fascinating craft and L&DBKA actively encourages new beekeepers. The ideal time to start practical beekeeping is in the Spring, as this gives you time to learn as “your” colony grows through the season. If you feel confident you may consider acquiring your own nucleus colony of bees in this first year.

We would normally advise anyone who hasn’t had any close contact with bees before to attend one of our Taster Sessions that we organise from time to time at the Association Apiary before take the step of becoming a beekeeper. That may not be possible this year.

If you have decided to keep bees the first step is some initial training. At L&DBKA we run an annual Introduction to Beekeeping course, which includes both theory and practical training.

After you have kept your own bees for a season, we encourage all new beekeepers to take The Basic Assessment.

You can also get some good background information from these following publications:

BBKA Getting Started Webpage

BeeBase – Advice for New Beekeepers